As we enter the new year, nationally, the 100 Black men of America, Inc., is celebrating the successful completion of 30 years of community service since we incorporated in 1986. While locally, the 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, Inc., has worked in collaboration with the Las Vegas community since our incorporation in the year 2000. It is our sincere plan, in 2017, to continue mentoring our great mentees and working in unison with their families. As many in our nation are using the new year to make new goals and take on new challenges, we will also use this moment in time to rededicate ourselves to accomplishing the missions of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc, and of our local chapter. Irrespective of any challenges facing this nation, our focus continues to be on providing leadership in our key core competencies of Mentoring, Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Empowerment and Leadership Development.

      Nationally, our country is witnessing the democratic process expressed at levels rarely, if ever, seen in many of our lifetimes, while locally we are facing a major school reorganization and the uncertainty that this change will bring. It is during these challenging times that the 100 Black Men of Las Vegas looks to strengthen our relationships with our community partners and sponsors, as we realize that we cannot be sidetracked from our mission of providing quality mentoring, guidance and encouragement to the youth in our community.With the overwhelming amounts of chaotic information reaching our youth, via social media, television, radio or from any number of external sources, it is important that they also hear words of calm and encouragement.

      Our chapter will continue to ensure that our mentees, and their families, understand that in the midst of uncertainty, we will speak out on their behalf while also continuing the bedrock programs that define who we are. During this first quarter of 2017, we will continue to expose our mentees to many events throughout the community, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Banquet and Parade, education town halls and calls-to-action, Black History events/activities and a trip to Carson City to interact with legislative officials, just to name a few. As stated by our national Chairman of the Board, Curley M. Dossman, Jr., “Together, through our hard work and our resources, we can make our communities better than ever before.” On behalf of the 100 Black men of Las Vegas, we look forward to an engaging and productive year. In service to our community,


 ~ Shawn T. Smith President 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, Inc. “What They See, Is What They’ll Be”