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For Immediate Release
August 18, 2008


The American Cancer Society has announced the winner of its 2008 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Award. Community Partners for Better Health along with other collaborating partners has been selected as this year's grantee for their project, "Care for the Girls"- A Breast Cancer Prevention Project. This project is designed to provide breast cancer education to approximately 2500 African-American women throughout Clark County who are 40 years and older. Additionally working with four of its member churches, the Community Partner's project will: provide intensive one-on-one education and mammography screening to approximately 100 women who form the research cohort for the project. The Care for the Girls Project includes a strategic target-marketing campaign to heighten general population awareness and knowledge, the conduct training workshops for church liaisons, a survey of the knowledge and behavior status of women in the partner churches, and; provide four mammogram screening days during the months of May and October of 2009 in collaboration with the Nevada Cancer Institute.


The Press Conference Announcing The Grant Award and Project Specifics Will Be Held At:
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
Location: Southern Nevada Health District, Human Resource Annex Room
625 Shadow Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89127
Time: 10:00 AM


For further information contact Celeste Folmar, Chair, Community Partners for Better Health Coalition, at (702) 256 2724

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - American Cancer Society