100 Brothers,

Two of our very own will be actively participating in two events scheduled for Sunday, February 21. 2010 at Community Baptist Church, Henderson, NV.

Event #1@11:00 AM - Shaundell Newsome will be the special guest speaker, addressing the youth and young adults of Community Baptist Church. Please come out to support and encourage Mr. Newsome on Sunday morning.

Event #2@3:00 PM - Commissioner Lawrence Weekly will M.C. the Black History Month Event at Community Baptist Church. Last year, our very own Mujahid Ramadan was our special guest speaker.

Location: Community Baptist Church
Address: 245 East Foster Avenue, Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: 702-565-0071
Website: www.communitybaptisthenderson.org

Remember, event #1 starts at 11:00 Am, followed by lunch (served at the Church, and its FREE)

Event #2 in recognition of Black History Month and hosted by Lawrence Weekly, begins at 3:00 PM, again, at Community Baptist Church.

Best regards,

Ted Watkins
Director, Youth and Young Adults Dept., Community Baptist Church
ps ... share this information with your 'new' charge (member).